Climbing in Frassaneit

This cliff, divided into two sections, was enhanced in value by the CAI group of Tramonti, with the help of the tireless Majcol and Varnerin: pitches are very well equipped with bolts very close to each other. The climbing cliff is positioned along the valley which...

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Climbing in Val Tramontina and in the Surroundings

In the Province of Pordenone, the alpine and piedmont strips offer among the best mountain cliffs of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Val Tramontina is one of the wildest and most fascinating valleys to explore. Your trip starts just before the Lake of Redona,...

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Climbing the Eagle of Mount Frascola

It's possible to climb the Eagle in two points: one on the wing (Via Rita) and one that follows the head profile (Via A.N.A.). The approaching starts from “casera” (refuge) Chiampis, where we suggest to take a break considering the demanding excursion and climbing in...

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