Where to jump into the water.
The richness of waterbodies is the main characteristic of our valley. Several streams and creeks flow along slopes, weaving in the forests, smoothing rocks, creating ponds, falls and natural slides.

If you do not feel the cold and your blood pressure drops because of the summer hot, you are left only to come here and enjoy this huge and diffused water park.
There is something to suit everyone’s fancy, depending on how much you are ready to walk to get to your favourite natural attraction. Like it happens for the most remote see bays, also here in Valtramontina the bolder you are, the more exclusive your location will be.

KM 0

If you are lazy or you just want to relax finding somewhere cool in a typical mountain river, take your towel and find a spot along the gravels of the River Meduna, which borders our campsite. The river here is shallow and represents the perfect corner for children and parents who do not want to get crazy to run after them.
Here, the panorama and the landscape are great also for couples and nudists: by walking along the river towards South you will find a lot of shelters protected by willows and attractive ponds for jumping into the water.


Get your car and choose among four different destinations:

Tarcenò stream

When you drive outside the residential area of Tramonti di Sotto towards South – direction Meduno, immediately after a white big modern-design Pagoda turn left, and follow the trail which flanks the stream. Park your car and walk along the stream: you will find beautiful ponds, small beaches and falls where to spend reinvigorating relaxing moments.

Vielia stream

Drive towards Tramonti di Sopra and park the car on your right hand-side, at or next to località Chiavalir. Under the double bridge you will bump into a sequence of crystal clear ponds, pebbles beaches and smooth cliffs from where to dive. The valley of this stream is rather narrow and you will easily find sunny spots where to stop during the central hours of the day.

Emerald Pools

Along the trail which starts from Tramonti di Sopra and brings you to the Lake of Ciul, after a 10 minutes’ walk, you will see an amazing panorama. You will be at the Emerald Ponds, unique for their colour and appropriately considered the second most beautiful location in Italy according to the author of the book Wild swimming. It is an expansive and vast area, prefect to spend the whole day, if you bring with you your food and favourite book.

The lake of Redona

The most comfortable and the safest place for enjoying the lake is the confluence with the River Meduna. Park the car near the confluence and walk down to the lake. The water here is warmer in respect to what you found on the valley streams and it is shallow. If you are not an expert swimmer, please avoid crossing the lake because of cold streams which could keep aside unwelcome surprises.

KM 10

Along the road which from the lake of Redona goes to Campone, you will find on your right hand-side a road sign indicating the direction for the hamlet of Ombrena. Park the car along the road which brings to Ombrena and find the trail climbing down to the Chiarzò stream. Along the stream you will find amazing places and breath-taking pools where to dive into.

From the ancient mill to the waterfalls

Drive to Campone and walk to the old mill (where we grind the corn for our special polenta). From here, climb up along the Chiarzò stream. You will find several pools and beaches surrounded by an enchanting landscape. With a one and a half hour walk, after the fascinating spot where the Rio Nero streams meets the Chiarzò stream, you will have in front of you the Pisulat: an amazing and thunderous 15m waterfall, which will astound you with its beauty.

Just some quick notes, maybe useless:

– When you walk across these little corners of paradise, be respectful, do not leave waste around, do not pick up plants and flowers, but simply enjoy what nature makes available for you and leave everything as you found it.
– If you want to bring home a few keepsakes, take some pictures or use your memory to save images of the places you visited.
– If you like to share your pictures with us, the best ones can be published on our website.

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