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Why is the Camping Valtramontina ideal for children?

Our camping offers a park where to run and romp about without danger,
a river with crystalline water to explore with a rubber boat and where to discover fish and shrimps,
uncontaminated places where you can get to on a short walk,
an extraordinary nature at your disposal.

Bring with you a magnifying glass and a torch and you will discover a microcosm to observe.
Do not forget scissors and ropes: you can build small rafts to float in streams, or rock cairns with small stones. And what about brushes and tempera? Collect small white stones and transform them in what you like…

There are infinite games you can create, all you need is to add the last ingredient: your imagination.

When the sun is setting, you can use our braziers, where to build a fire to cook altogether or to create the right atmosphere for a really true adventurous holyday.

Our camping, for how it is managed and for the people who choose it, gives children the possibility to enjoy freedom and independence: also the smallest ones will be free to buy an ice-cream alone in our bar and will get over their shyness and will establish autonomous relationships.
In our pizzeria there are available a lot of toys and paints (we recommend their good use).

At our camping you will live slow days, organised according to your own pace and desires, immersed in the open book of Nature, where it is possible to write and to share your own stories.

Here you will have the possibility to spend time altogether and to pursue quality time, something we really lack in our everyday life.

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 some suggestions

Canyoning in July – Acqua Park Pradis

All the canyoning experience in July organized by Acqua Park Pradis, località Pradis Grotte (Clauzetto). Saturday 1 July at 2 p.m. Gasparini Sunday 2 July at 9:30 a.m. Cosa (Caves of Pradis) at 2 p.m. Aga viva Saturday 8 July at 9:30 a.m. Cosa (Caves of Pradis) Sunday...

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The emerald pools

Along the River Meduna there are several crystal clear pools, where to jump into, but there is a unique amazing spot waiting for you on the path which from Tramonti di Sopra brings you to the Lake of Ciul. If you leave your car where there is the no trespassing sign,...

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Canyoning – a natural adventure park

Canyoning is a really intense experience, which will make your and your children’s holyday unique. Alessandro de Santis, guide and expert speleologist in the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, selected some routes suitable for children with minimum age of 6 years (minimum...

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Pofabbro – a Pearl of the Carnic Prealps

Pofabbro, is a village in the council of Frisanco. It is at an altitude of 525m a.s.l. in the Colvera valley, in the Carnic Prealps. The name of the village comes from “Prafabrorum”, which stands for smiths’ field. The magic of Pofabbro is represented by the...

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The eagle of the Frascola mountain

  This is a peculiar rock formation with the shape of an eagle, in which you can recognize the two big open wings and the face with the eyes and the beak. You can admire it from very accessible places  or hike up to its peak. Climbing on the eagle is also...

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Ancient lime kilns trail

  Time required: 3 hours Difficulty level: easy This trail is 5500m long and suited for families. It starts from the picnic area of Tramonti di Sopra, where you can see the first lime kiln.Follow the trail passing through a pine forest and you will get to the...

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Excursion from Tramonti di Sopra to lake of Ciul

Walking time: 3h Difficulty level: moderate This is a panoramic route that crosses the abandoned hamlet of Frassaneit and proceeds along the River Meduna and its emerald pools. From the hamlet of Pradiel you will have to venture into the Meduna Canal and after a...

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Pradis’ caves and Campone’s “Foos”

You can’t miss Pradis’ caves, going through the descent to “Orrido” (horrid, awful), with its falls, the natural arches, caves and caverns, it’s a karst environment unique in its beauty. Here nature and water’s strength show itself with all of its power and majesty, a...

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To the old abandoned hamlets of Tamar and Palcoda

Elevation gradient until Tamar: nearly 300mt Travel time until Tamar: 1h 20m Going beyond Comesta hamlet, in Tramonti di Sotto, you will reach a no thoroughfare sign where, nearby, you can park your car. From here onwards, following the forest track or the path you...

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